Foundations And Beyond Horsemanship

Two types of private lessons are available - one on one sessions and small (1-3 person) group instruction. Group lessons are often essentially a 'design-your-own' clinic. These are a good option for those who want to participate in a clinic but need to schedule it on their own time frame or have different goals they want to work on (i.e. confidence building, beyond fundamentals, colt starting, training on the trail, whatever it may be that you would like the focus to be on). The cost is $300 per day at our property or yours with a minimum three day requirement. If you have two friends to share costs with you then your private, custom three day clinic will cost you each the same as participating in any of our standard three day clinics.*

One on one sessions are available at the same rate, $300 per day. The minimum session is 1/2 day at $150. Ted will not teach more than one student in a session shorter than three days. So to book 1/2 day or 1 or 2 day lessons there can be only one student. If you want to share your lesson costs with other students you need to schedule a three or more day lesson. One common 1/2 day scenario is someone with a specific problem they would like help with. Another common 1/2 day request is evaluation and/or starter sessions for new acquisitions or prospects.

*Note - for out of area lessons you will also need to pay for Ted's travel and accommodations. But - we're not fussy, put us up and feed us and we're good! :-)