Foundations And Beyond Horsemanship


We take in very limited numbers of outside horses for training. The cost is currently $1600 with feed, fly spray, etc. and hoof care supplied by the owner. Typically the training period is six weeks, although there is some variation in how long each horse takes to get through the program. A horse brought here for training will learn all of the exercises in the fundamental level of the Downunder Horsemanship Method.

It is important that the horse's feet are ready for work. Please have your horse in regular farrier care before they are brought for training. We are supportive of barefoot horses and will gladly use easy boots if boots are provided. (We also do have a competent barefoot trimmer here.)

We require horse owners bringing a horse to agree to spend a day going over the training the horse has received upon pick up of their horse. Typically this takes about six hours. Some clients choose to spend shorter work sessions spread over several days to go over their horses training. This type of option is fine, we just want to make sure you know what your horse has learned and how to use it.

We now offer owners of horses that were trained here a fifty dollar discount on clinic participation fees if bringing a Foundations and Beyond trained horse to a clinic.