Foundations And Beyond Horsemanship

Our favorite; because we can help the greatest number of people and horses by teaching them in a clinic group. We limit the size of the group to allow both the benefits of group setting learning, where we can all interact and learn from not only our own horse and owner interactions but those of our fellow participants, yet small enough that there is plenty of one on one instruction. We keep it a small enough group that Ted and his assistants can keep up with helping any students that are not able or confident to execute any of the exercises initially. (For situations such as a student that is physically limited and/or having difficulties with an exercise, or maybe is on a colt and is nervous to canter their horse themselves, etc. etc.)
Clinics can be customized to address the concerns and needs of the participants but in general, or most commonly, they are three full days or five evenings and one full day. Our goal is that everyone leaves with a good bunch of tools (exercises) which they have learned to use well and which increase their safety and their confidence with their horses. Pricing for standard confidence and control clinics as outlined above is $300 per participant and horse. Colt starting or other customized clinics are priced according to the particulars (location and number of days and participants) of the actual clinic. At all clinics and/or private lessons each horse and handler team is allowed a helper to audit without charge. Additional spectators are $10 per day to observe.
We hold clinics at our property near Parma, Idaho or anywhere a group of people wants us to come, assuming that adequate facilities exist. Extra costs associated with traveling to a clinic location will be added on to the clinic fees.