Foundations and Beyond Horsemanship

We teach YOU how to train your horse.
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Have you ever felt frustrated with your horse? Felt like you and your horse are speaking completely different languages? Felt frightened by the unpredictability and strength of your horse? Wanted to have a perfect partner like the trainers on TV but had no idea how to get there?

Many horse owners feel the same. You are not alone and we can help.

A better horseman creates a better horse

We will teach you how your horse thinks. Why he does what he does. What motivates him.

Next, you will learn simple groundwork and riding exercises to communicate with him in a way that is easy for you both to understand.

When you can communicate, you and your horse can do anything together! Feather light cues, fun tricks, any pattern, and any obstacle can be conquered by a horse and rider who are on the same page.

Get the skills. Attend a clinic.